This is Day 3 of the rest of my life. My Dear and Beautiful friend Betty, (my Mom’s 92-year young neighbor), invited us to lunch today. She made homemade mac and cheese, lima beans drowning in butter, pickled eggs and beets, and biscuits. Her friend added a roast pork loin which was melt in your mouth tender.

Those are all foods I love and need to give up most of them. I am determined with God’s Help and Guidance I will use food and exercise to heal my body, which is His temple. I am learning as I go. I am very thankful to a few friends who have successfully battled autoimmune illnesses and shared books and articles with me so I have a starting point.

As I think back over the last few years I am amazed at how far I’ve come. Actually, as I look back at my life I realize what a miracle I am and how precious is the gift of life. I digress. (LOL I often do that as I type and different thoughts pop into my head).

Anyway, back to day 3. I ate Betty’s wonderful lunch as though it was my last meal so to speak. I actually have too much food in my pantry to get rid of to go cold turkey so I am adding more fruit and vegetables, fresh or frozen of course and will no longer purchase canned and prepared foods as I use what I have. I am trying to keep a very detailed food journal so I can know which foods make me feel bad. So far I have learned some fats are on the no list. I believe sugar and gluten are major causes of inflammation so I am gradually eliminating them from my diet.

**Note added Sunday 1/14 – Today Betty brought us banana cake! I did really well. I didn’t eat it until Monday. 🙂 It didn’t make me feel bad.